CEO Fast Track

Risk & License to operate

Your reputation is a license to operate and gives you room to manoeuvre. But how do changes in these intangibles drive results? In this era of accountability and performance metrics, all your executives should be armed with the facts that CEOs need. Facts drive good decisions about budget and resource allocation, and help manage the expectations of your Board.

Precise Value focuses on understanding what drives results. We use proven approaches and applied ROI intelligence to answer burning questions like:

  • Value creation: Can we explain in concrete numbers the step-by- step drivers of business value?
  • Reputation risk: How sensitive are our sales or profitability to a shift in Stakeholder Value (reputation?)
  • Growth risk and operational efficiency: Can we accurately identify where to allocate resources to achieve growth targets?
  • Investor Relations: Does media shift Shareholder Value? By how much and under what circumstances?

Some Opportunities Available

  • ROI architecture: a world-leading platform to uncover ROI across all marketing and communications
  • Optimising your share price: understand what lifts or erodes your shareholder value,
    outmanoeuvre your competition
  • Shifting your strategy: Understand how your marketing and comms creates value so you can create serious growth
  • The strategic power of communications is being realised by organisations seeking a purposeful X-factor. For example, in mergers and acquisitions.
  • On the flip side, there have been some classic missteps where response to a crisis was slow or inappropriate – leading to erosion of investor sentiment and share price falls.
  • Properly structured analytics creates a robust foundation for good resourcing
    decisions. They enable design of effective strategies which can then be refined as dynamics of each market landscape playout.

ROI Architecture

Precise Value has developed a world-leading platform to uncover ROI across ALL marketing and communications. This cuts through the noise bringing clarity to strategy and boosting results for no more effort or cost. We call this architecting ROI because we design the structure to find meaning for you, in your context. The ‘Strategy Optimiser’ platform delivers a dynamic understanding of which activities are most effective.
Our CEO designed this visual representation in 2012 and published it in 2013. Over subsequent years the approach was recognised as international best-practice. You may see similar models derived from this original thinking as we present thought leadership across international forums.
Precise Value

Growth Strategy

With Precise Value by your side, you will finally understand where and how your strategies can be adjusted to create new value. Our Value Labs engage your executives in co-creating a custom value structure with meaningful metrics that people understand.
Our approach wraps performance management around Marketing & Communications to deliver benefits which are clear, quantifiable and proven. This kind of innovative feedback loop will also help you to outsmart and outmanoeuvre the competition with a dynamic advantage.
You’ll be well-placed to develop strategies that deliver serious and quantifiable uplift in effectiveness. This new discipline points the way forward towards exceptional business results.

Optimise your share price

At the cutting edge of data science, research analytics and value creation lives our shareholder value architecture. This sophisticated approach partners with CEO’s and investor relations professionals to quantify the genesis of shareholder value creation.

Our approach helps you understand what erodes or lifts your shareholder value. This removes the guesswork to uncover which levers are within your control and influence share fluctuations.

This supports you in building strategies that play to your advantage. You can even undertake similar analyses on your competitors, subject to relevant legislated limits.

Critical thinking

Explore our Critical Thinking to see whitepapers, case studies and tap into our latest insights to appreciate the power of the leading communications, marketing and integration models developed by Precise Value’s own Michael Ziviani



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  • BankWest
  • Black Dog Mental Health Institute
  • Charter Hall
  • Coca-Cola Australia
  • Coles
  • Coliban Water
  • Crown Resorts
  • CUA
  • Eliminate Dengue
  • KPMG
  • lendlease
  • Lion Nathan
  • Mastercard
  • Microsoft
  • Minderoo Foundation
  • National Australia Bank
  • Nestle
  • Nokia
  • Open Universities Australia
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria
  • St John of God Healthcare
  • Samsung
  • Santos
  • Sony
  • The Smith Family
  • Toshiba
  • Vodafone
  • Workplace Gender Equality Agency
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